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How to Download and Use Jedi Survivor Mods

How to Download and Use Jedi Survivor Mods
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Eager Star Wars fans are already hard at working developing fun and functional mods for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, even though the game just came out! The modding community’s enthusiasm is always a treat, as there are a few helpful mods you can install today. Here is how to download and use Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mods.

Downloading and installing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mods

We need to download some mods before we can get started, so we are going to hit up the most popular modding website, Nexus Mods. This link takes you to the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mod directory.

As to be expected, there are only a few mods available right now, considering the game literally just released. There are technical mods that add quality-of-life changes like skippable opening intros, configuration and performance tweaks, and more. There are also fun mods that change the game’s look, like reshade and texture packs.

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Go ahead and download whatever mod you like by clicking on the mod, then clicking on the Manual download button in the bottom right corner of the mod banner.

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Once you have downloaded your selected mods, you need to install them correctly. Since it is still really early for the game’s modding scene, that means that we do not have a dedicated mod manager, or anything that makes installing mods easy.

Each mod comes with specific directions, so make sure to follow them exactly as they say. You can usually find the directions on the mod’s main page, as a part of the description.

Some mods require you to drop the mod files into the game’s save data directory, while others need to be placed directly into the game’s installation directory. If you install a mod incorrectly, it may cause the game to not launch properly, so make sure to remove the mod files if this happens.

Looking for more mods? Give it some time, and the Nexus Mods’ directory for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will have plenty of mods to pick from.

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How to Download and Use Jedi Survivor Mods


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