How to Defeat Udian the Masked in Tower of Fantasy

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In Tower of Fantasy, there are elite enemies. They are more powerful than ordinary opponents but weaker than bosses and old bosses. Therefore, meeting an elite enemy while playing the game is not a pleasure. Read this guide, and you will find out how to defeat Udian the Masked in Tower of Fantasy. No time to lose; let’s get started!

Defeating Udian the Masked in Tower of Fantasy

Before killing this enemy, you need to find it. And Udian the Masked is located on a remote island. To make finding Udian even more manageable, use the location screenshot below. Also, there is a spawn point near the elite enemy. So, there is no problem in getting to Udian the Masked.

However, here you will find Udian the Masked and many other enemies that will try to kill you. So, there will be Wickeds, Headhunter elites, Razor Elite, and others. But it is not necessary to kill them. You can get a reward even without killing ordinary enemies.

And honestly, the reward for killing the boss is high. You will get over 60k EXP, 2,000 Gold, and other valuable resources. So, when it is obvious what rewards you will get, let’s find out how to kill the boss.

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Unfortunately, Udian the Masked does not have any weak points. Therefore, there is no point in using some aspects against this elite enemy. However, there is a big profit from using some distance weapons. The fact is that in a melee fight, not only the Udian but other enemies will attack you as well. As a result, you will have nearly no chance to survive.

In conclusion, there is nothing hard in defeating Udian the Masked if you follow the strategy. However, if you do it solo, you will face a lot of problems. That is how it is. Hope you find it helpful! Thank you for reading the guide.

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How to Defeat Udian the Masked in Tower of Fantasy


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