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How to Defeat Prowler: Mighty Doom Boss Guide

How to Defeat Prowler: Mighty Doom Boss Guide
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Don’t let its cutesy visuals fool you, Mighty DOOM offers battles as epic as you would expect from the series. Likewise, the Prowler may seem adorable from a distance, but the boss makes for a challenging and sometimes frustrating experience. Fortunately, there’s a clear path to taking it down.

Mighty DOOM Prowler Boss Guide

Prowler is a formidable boss monster in Chapter 5 of Mighty DOOM. As with any boss encounter, defeating Prowler requires a combination of strategy, skill, and preparation. To emerge victorious, it’s essential to carefully study Prowler’s moves and attack patterns and adapt your tactics accordingly. In addition, choosing the right weapons and skill cards can make all the difference in taking down this challenging foe.

Prowler’s Attacks in Mighty DOOM


Prowler’s ability to teleport and multiply can make it difficult to land attacks, but with the right strategy, you can easily defeat this boss. When Prowler teleports, it will show its trajectory, allowing you to move away and avoid getting caught in its attacks. Its ranged attack can be easily dodged but becomes more deadly when Prowler has duplicates.

Prowler keeps teleporting from one corner to another and using attacks between teleportation. Stay on the move and avoid getting too close to its clones, as they can deal significant damage if caught off guard. It’s also important to watch for its projectile attack and maintain a safe distance while standing in the empty spaces between each projectile.

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Best Weapons and Skills to defeat Prowler

Mighty DOOM weapons

Heavy Cannon, Plasma Rifle, and Chain Gunwork flawlessly against Prowler. However, there’s no need to worry too much about your gear. Using your best weapon and highest-level gear can be enough to defeat Prowler.

To gain an advantage over Prowler, you can try collecting these skill cards before the boss battle:

  • Ricochet
  •  Spread Shot
  •  Twin Shot
  •  Damage Boost
  •  Shoot Speed Boost

With enough damage and dodging skills, defeating Prowler is surprisingly easy. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt – keep practicing and upgrading your gear to increase your chances of success.

If the Prowler isn’t the only one giving you trouble, you may also be interested in the best way to take down the Blaster Soldier as well.

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How to Defeat Prowler: Mighty Doom Boss Guide


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