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How to Defeat Lost Soul: Mighty Doom Boss Guide

How to Defeat Lost Soul: Mighty Doom Boss Guide
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Mighty DOOM‘s stages can be tough, with demons waiting to fight you in every one of the 40 stages, and each stage ending with a big boss battle. These evil creature bosses have specific moves and skills that players will have to figure out to be able to beat them.

We will show you below how to defeat Lost Soul in this Mighty DOOM boss guide.

Facing Lost Soul in Mighty DOOM

As you progress through the stages of each world it is not too difficult to dodge attacks from Demons and other enemies. If you do get hit and take some damage then an enemy who is ended with a Glory Kill will drop health points. After a few stages you will meet a Night Sentinel who offers a reward to honor you.

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This honor will usually be some sort of damage boost and an offer to heal or boost health points. Healing is not generally useful as a you can accrue health when performing a Glory Kill anyway. It could be a good idea to choose a doubling of Health, however, as some of the boss fights can give you a real battering if you cannot dodge their fire.

Lost Soul in Mighty DOOM

Lost Soul is a former-human and now damned to be a slave of Hell. Seen in DOOM Eternal, this floating skull with massive horns is one of bosses you will face when playing through the world stages. Lost Soul summons demon minions to help fight you off, which you must defeat while battling Lost Soul.

Avoid any attacks with dodging and weaving, and use your secondary weapon to blast Lost Soul during any stunned moments. You may take some damage but if you are quick it won’t be too devastating. Keep moving as Lost Soul will zip across the screen, coming at you with its toothy mouth.

To finish the boss fight off in style go close to them when a green circle appears and watch as Lost Soul gets beaten with its own horn! Check out Jaba Play on YouTube to see a boss fight in action:

That’s all you need to know about battling Lost Soul in Mighty DOOM. For more information on Mighty DOOM visit our guide section.

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How to Defeat Lost Soul: Mighty Doom Boss Guide


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