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How to Defeat Imp: Mighty Doom Boss Guide

How to Defeat Imp: Mighty Doom Boss Guide

Mighty DOOM is your classic run and gun DOOM action, but everything is fun-sized! As the Doom Slayer, blast your way through hordes of demons, and take on powerful bosses that are based on iconic enemies from DOOM history.

Let us take a look at everyone’s favorite fireball slinging monstrosity, the Imp. Here is how to defeat Imp in our Mighty DOOM boss guide.

Mighty DOOM: Imp boss fight guide

The Imp is the final boss you encounter at the end of Earth, the first chapter of the game. The Imp is found on stage 40, and defeating it unlocks Earth Pt. 2, the second chapter.

Despite looking like an oversized regular Imp, the boss version of the Imp is not too dangerous, as it uses the same kind of attacks you are already used to.

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The Imp’s main attack is very similar to the regular Imp’s attack, where they lob fireballs at you. The main difference is that the boss Imp’s fireballs fly much faster and their explosion radius is larger.

To dodge the Imp’s fireballs, never stop moving. The fireballs are very precise and track the Doom Slayer’s exact position, so as long as you keep running in one direction, you should be able to outrun all the fireballs.

The Imp’s second attack unleashes a huge barrage of fireballs all at once. The fireballs are all aimed toward the Doom Slayer’s general direction, so make sure to just evacuate the area as fast as possible.

At first, it might seem like there is nowhere to go when the Imp uses its fireball barrage since it covers a large area, but there is always a way out. Look for the closest area that is free of fireballs and make a mad dash for it.

Those are the Imp’s two main attacks. Master dodging these attacks, and you should be able to take down the Imp with relative ease.

That concludes our guide on how to defeat Imp in Mighty DOOM. If you have any other helpful tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Defeat Imp: Mighty Doom Boss Guide


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