Monster Hunter Rise

Like previous entries in the series, Monster Hunter Rise features a huge monster line-up, and all of them come with their own unique characteristics that can make each and every hunt epic. Knowledge is power, however, so knowing exactly what you are up against will make sure you will emerge victorious, no matter how much of a fight any monster puts up.

Here’s everything you need to know to take down Basarios with ease.


Basarios is a Flying Wyvern that originally appeared in the very first Monster Hunter, later reappearing in other games like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The Basarios is actually the younger and not fully-grown form of the Gravios, a much more powerful monster that has yet to make its appearance in Monster Hunter Rise. Weak to Dragon and Water, the Basarios is not a particularly difficult monster to take down, granted you are using a Gunlance or a weapon with Green Sharpness, as anything else will be ineffective against it.

Where to Find Basarios

Basarios can be found in the Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns. In the Sandy Plains, it appears first in Areas 7 and 8, while in the Lava Caverns in Areas 4 and 5. Monsters do like to move around, so you will have to explore other areas if you cannot find Basarios in the starting ones.

How to Beat Basarios

Green Sharpness

As already mentioned, Basarios has some very tough skin, and not all weapons can penetrate it to deal damage. Outside of the Gunlance weapons, the only other way to deal damage to the monster is by bringing weapons with Green Sharpness. Make sure you have one before you set out, or you will be forced to quit the hunt.

Ignore the Wings

Even with Gunlances or Green Sharpness weapons, there are parts that cannot be damaged. The Wings are even tougher than Basarios’ skin, so they can deflect most attacks with ease. Make sure to go for other weak points like the legs, abdomen, tail, and head. This shouldn’t be too difficult, as Basarios is quite slow and it takes a while to move out of your way.

I Know What You Are Going to Do

Basarios is also not that difficult to take down also thanks to how it telegraphs some of its attacks. Depending on the molten part, you can tell which attack it is going to unleash: if the head is getting molten, it’s going to unleash a breath attack, while it will unleash Fire Gas if the abdomen is getting molten. The interesting this is that these molten parts become weak points, letting you dish out maximum damage!

The Right Tools for the Job

Basarios can be a little annoying to fight if you are not prepared to deal with the status ailments it can inflict. Bring Antidotes and Energy Drinks to cure Poison and Sleep as soon as they are inflicted to avoid the monster capitalizing on them. Additionally, you can also make use of Barrel Bombs to interrupt the monster’s Burrow Attack, leaving it defenseless for a short time.

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