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How to Deal Damage to Supply Llamas in Fortnite

How to Deal Damage to Supply Llamas in Fortnite

Fortnite’s llamas are usually a unique find in Battle Royale, as they are quite rare. They have served as iconic Fortnite symbol for some time. These supply llamas used to be simple loot containers, but more recently they have become full-fledged animals. Fighting them is challenging for Fortnite players because they start running away as soon as they see you, and if you don’t do enough damage to kill them quickly, they teleport out of the area. In this article, we’ll tell you how to find and effectively deal damage to supply llamas in Fortnite.

How to Find and Damage Supply Llamas in Fortnite

Only 5 supply Llamas appear in each match, and they will be in a random location on the map, so it can be difficult to find one of them. They are easier to see on green grass, so check the grassy areas first.

Supply llamas have 1500 HP, so dealing enough damage to make them drop whatever they’re holding may require some effort. If you don’t destroy them in time, they will eventually disappear, leaving a crack in their wake.

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As we mentioned earlier, Fortnite llamas are now living creatures and will actively try to run away from you as you approach, dropping ammo and shield potions. If you shoot them enough times, you can temporarily stun them, and as with other players (and animals) in the game, headshots do more damage, so they can help you destroy bright purple creatures faster.

If you manage to get close enough while the Fortnite llama is stunned, you can quickly build walls around it, making it much easier to deal the remaining damage needed to eliminate it. Destroy the llama, and 500 units of each material are yours, as well as a decent selection of ammo and items. 

To conclude, it is not that hard to deal damage to supply llamas in Fortnite. You need a little effort, and you will get some nice rewards. Great job, now go and put those supplies to good use!

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How to Deal Damage to Supply Llamas in Fortnite


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