How to Dash Jump in Brawlhalla – Guide and Tips


Not only characteristics are essential when you are fighting in Brawlhalla. There are many other factors that affect your battle. One of the most important is moving. Read this guide, and you will find out how to move correctly.

How to Move in Brawlhalla

As you know, moving is one of the most significant parts of Brawlhalla. Moving is divided into three parts: dodging, defense, and attack. To be honest, to become professional in your moves you need to spend a lot of time practicing them. However, it is impossible to practice movements solo. You need to participate in PvP fights.

Why is it so? PvE fightings differ from real battles a lot. Generally, these battles are too slow, so you will not practice at the highest speed. Therefore, you should participate only in PvP fights. Bear this in mind, it is necessary. However, you still can improve your movement by playing with your friends. In this case, friends need to be more experienced than you.

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When you know how to practice, you need to know what to practice. One of the most effective moves in the game is the Dash Jump. Using this move you will be able to move around the map as fast as possible. So, let’s find out how to do it!

How to Dash Jump in Brawlhalla

Dash jumping is a combination of 2 moves: dash and jump. There are two ways to do it, simple and challenging. You will be given a simple one, as it is more effective. To do Dash Jump in a simple way, press Forward+Jump+Dash Key at the same time. However, to make a dash jump fast, you need to press Down when you are in the air. That is how it works.

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How to Dash Jump in Brawlhalla – Guide and Tips


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