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How To Create Items in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

How To Create Items in Star Ocean: The Divine Force

There are lots of fun things to do in Star Ocean: The Divine Force from crafting, embarking on Welch quests, gimmick running and lots more. Creating items, however, especially on a high level isn’t the easiest thing to do in the game.

Each method of crafting in Star Ocean: The Divine Force is separated into its own menu and generally uses its own set of materials. Materials like Ores and Alchemy can be shared as well and some can be purchased from shops or even as drops from monsters. So in this guide, we’re showing you how to create items in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

How To Create Items in Star Ocean: The Divine Force


Once you enter the Item Creation and have selected a skill, you’ll also have to select a character who will do it. And in this game, not every character can pull off every skill as they each have various Talents which are classified as additional passive abilities that help in crafting better items.

Talents are randomly unlocked as you craft and certain characters have proclivities towards different Talents as well. So to craft, simply put one or two items in and move to the Synthesis part, which is where things get complicated. But before then, you’ll simply be pumping items until you exhaust them all.


You can also gain SP during crafting which is a feature that’s governed by RNG. SP is guaranteed for “failures” early on while “success” does not give you any. You can also spend your SP to level up skills or chose instead to acquire new skills or power up attacks.

Ultimately, your goal in crafting is to get your characters to as high as level 10 in different skills in order to give them the best materials that can bring the best results. However, this all leads to Synthesis where each character can only utilize their own weapons. But if you can put in the time it’s a big grind that results in powerful weapons.

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How To Create Items in Star Ocean: The Divine Force


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