How to Create Animation in Roblox Studio


In this article, you will learn how to make a simple animation in Roblox using Roblox Studio. Based on this example, you can create more complex animations and use them in your own projects.

Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Animation

  1. Go to Roblox Studio and click Rig Builder. After that, in the menu that appears, select the size of the character R15 or R6 and its type.
  2. The selected model will appear in the preview window.
  3. In order to create an animation, you must click the “Animation Editor” button and in the interface that appears, the “Create” button.
  4. The character animation tab will open. First of all, set the approximate animation time in seconds.
  5. If you click on some part of the body, a visual joystick will appear with which you can rotate the part of the body in one plane or another.
  6. Set the slider on the timeline to zero and click on all the body parts you want to animate in order to set the initial checkpoint for the position of the body parts. If a white crystal appears on the timeline, then you did everything right and the program remembered the initial position of the limb.
  7. Drag the slider on the timeline 1 second forward and change the position of any limb, such as a hand.
  8. Create checkpoints for changing the position of the hand on the timeline so that it looks like a greeting waving, and at the very end paste the checkpoints from the zero mark (you can copy them with Ctrl + C and paste them with Ctrl + V).
  9. If you need to loop the animation, click the button in the form of a swirling arrow.
  10. To save the animation, click “File” – “Export”
  11. In the menu that opens, select “Create New”
  12. Enter a name for the animation and a description and click Finish.
  13. An animation link window will appear. Save the id number before /redirect, you’ll need it later.
  14. You can see your animations in the “Create” – “Animations” tab
  15. In order to attach animations to a particular character on your map, you need to create it in Roblox Studio. In the left tab, select Script (to quickly find it, enter Script in the search).
  16. In a new window, in the search bar, enter “animation” and select it in the window just above.
  17. Paste the animation id you copied earlier into the “Animationid” field
  18. Write this code into the script.
  19. Check in the interface next to the preview window that there is no checkmark “Anchored.”
  20. Go to the map and check the animation.

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How to Create Animation in Roblox Studio


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