How to Cook Fish in My Child Lebensborn

How to Cook Fish in My Child Lebensborn

Playing My Child Lebensborn, you have to make quite a few difficult decisions and do many different actions to raise an emotionally strong, cheerful child. You need to go to work, talk with your child about school and friends, wash him, and entertain him. In addition to all this, you also need to feed your child. It is advisable to give him different dishes so that from the same type of food, he does not become sad and his statistics do not deteriorate. The game has many different dishes and in this article, we will tell you how to cook fish.

How to Cook Fish in My Child Lebensborn

To cook food, you need to buy it, and for this you need money. You can also get fish by going fishing.

So before you cook the fish, you need to get the fish in one of two ways.

How to buy fish:

  • To begin with, having done all the household chores in the morning, you need to go to work. At the end of the working day, you will receive the money.
  • After the end of the working day, you need to visit the store building and buy a set of products for cooking fish, for 25 coins.

How to catch fish:

  • Select a river on the map and go to it.
  • After spending a certain amount of time, you will catch a few fish.
  • If you take a child with you, then his scale of entertainment can go up significantly.

How to cook fish:

  • Regardless of the method of obtaining various products, including fish, they all appear in the kitchen.
  • You need to go to the kitchen and choose a countertop for cooking.
  • By clicking on it, you will see all the products that you have.
  • Select a fish, then just click on it 10-15 times. After that, it’ll be ready.

In the end, we would also like to note that in the same way, you can cook any food in the game. Only the way to get the products can differ.

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How to Cook Fish in My Child Lebensborn


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