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How to Complete the Wooden Dagger Quest in Arcane Odyssey

How to Complete the Wooden Dagger Quest in Arcane Odyssey
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As you move to Shell Island in Roblox Arcane Odyssey, you encounter several interesting quests. One of them is known as the Wooden Dagger quest, which you can start by talking to Shappa.

The goal of the quest is to find four abandoned camp areas scattered around the island, which is more challenging than it may sound. The quest doesn’t give you any directions, and that means you only have your exploration skills and luck on your side.

To help you turn the odds in your favor and complete this task, below is a thorough guide on how to complete the Wooden Dagger quest in Arcane Odyssey.

How to complete the Wooden Dagger Quest in Arcane Odyssey

Since there are no pointers in this Arcane Odyssey quest, you should use the big waterfall in Shell Island as the main landmark that will help you find all four abandoned camps and complete the Wooden Dagger quest.

Abandoned Camp 1

Once you get to the wooden bridge in front of the big waterfall and face it, you should head right and follow the path that winds through the woods. Keep your eyes peeled to your right side, since the first abandoned camp will be on a small plateau surrounded by a few trees.

Abandoned Camp 2

For the location of the second abandoned camp, you need to head left from your starting point in front of the big waterfall. Again, follow the path through the forest until you see a framed opening in the rock on your left side. Pass through the tunnel and continue straight ahead to find the next abandoned camp.

Abandoned Camp 3

When you visit the second abandoned camp, finding the third one is quite easy. Just head back through the tunnel and continue following the forest path away from the waterfall. Soon, you will stumble upon the third abandoned camp right in front of you.

Abandoned Camp 4

This abandoned camp is the most difficult to find. However, the key is to go through the small gap between rocks at the third abandoned camp, even though it looks like you shouldn’t go that way. When you get to the other side, turn right and continue moving along the cliff to reach the final abandoned camp.

That covers all the locations you need to visit to finish the Wooden Dagger quest in Arcane Odyssey. You can go talk to Shappa again to conclude this task and move on to another adventure.

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How to Complete the Wooden Dagger Quest in Arcane Odyssey


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