How To Complete Skyfell Tower – Dragon Quest 3 Walkthrough


In Dragon Quest III, once you’ve traveled to the kingdom of Romaria, you’ll learn that the king recently had his crown stolen by the nefarious Robbin’ ‘Ood. He tasks you with recovering the crown, so you must chase down Robbin’ ‘Ood, who resides in the Skyfell Tower. Today, we’ll walk you through the process in our how to complete Skyfell Tower Dragon Quest 3 walkthrough!

Dragon Quest III: Skyfell Tower Walkthrough

The journey to Skyfell Tower is full of enemies tougher than anything you’ve encountered back home, so make sure to buy new equipment and gear up. When you’re ready, leave Romaria and head north.

You’ll reach a small village named Khoryv. Go west from here, then southwest once you get out of the mountain range. Cross the bridge, then go through the plains southwest to reach Skyfell Tower.

On the first floor, follow the path forward. When you get to a fork going west or south, go west first, then head south to reach a chest containing 430 gold. Return to the fork and go south to find the stairs up.

On the second floor, follow the path out to the west and then head north—this will lead to the stairs up. There’s no need to explore the rest of the floor, as there’s nothing of interest. Be careful not to accidentally walk off the tower edge!

On the third floor, go east and follow the edge north, then go west through an entryway to find a chest containing a Bronze Shield. Return to the stairs, then go west while hugging the wall. Pass the first opening, then go through the second opening to find the stairs up.

On the fourth floor, head south along while hugging the interior wall. You’ll find a door, so go in and head straight north to find the stairs up.

On the fifth floor, you’ll find two goons who run ahead of you to alert the big boss. Go straight south to find the stairs they went up on.

On the sixth floor, you’ll find Robbin’ ‘Ood, along with his goons from earlier. He’ll open a trapdoor, causing your party to fall back down to the fifth floor. Come back up to the sixth floor, and you’ll see that Robbin’ ‘Ood has escaped. Go straight north to fall off the edge.

You’ll end up on the fourth floor, right behind Robbin’ ‘Ood and his goons. Heal up if you need to, then approach the group to start a boss battle.

You’ll face off against Robbin’ ‘Ood and three of his goons. Take out the goons as fast as you can to mitigate incoming damage. If you have a Cleric, have them buff your DEF to withstand more punishment. Robbin’ ‘Ood deals massive damage with his single-target attacks, so be preapred to heal up.

Once you beat Robbin’ ‘Ood, he’ll beg for mercy and return the crown. You can now leave the tower and return to Romaria, completing the quest.

That concludes our walkthrough on how to complete Skyfell Tower in Dragon Quest 3. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How To Complete Skyfell Tower – Dragon Quest 3 Walkthrough


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