How to Complete Professor Onai’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy – Guide

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The important part of Hogwarts Legacy is assignments given by various professors. Even though most such missions are straightforward, some assignments can appear challenging if you don’t have a detailed guide. Read this article, and you will find out how to complete professor Onai’s assignment in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Finish Professor Onai’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy

First, you should head to the south side of the map and defeat a Forest Troll. It randomly spawns in Hogwarts Legacy, so you should always watch out while wandering the world. This monster is pretty powerful. Therefore, be ready for a long fight. You will get a Bogey after defeating the troll, which is necessary to finish the first objective.

Then you need to head to the nearby castle. Here you will find enemies floating in the air. Cast Levioso on them, and you will complete the second objective of Professor Onai’s assignment. Afterward, you should return to The Library Annex and attend Divination Class here. Once done, feel free to return to Professor Onai and get your efforts rewarded.

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Professor Onai’s Assignment: General Information

Pressor Onai’s Assignment is a Level 15 quest that can be unlocked after completing Percival Rackham’s Trail of the main storyline. It can be started in the Divination Classroom of The Library Annex. The quest rewards you with Descendo and 150 EXP, and you should finish all the objectives mentioned below to finish this mission:

  • Collect one Troll Bogeys 
  • Cast Depulso on a levitated enemy
  • Attend Divination Class during the day
  • Return to Professor Onai

That’s it with completing professor Onai’s assignment in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though many beginners struggle to finish this mission, nothing is challenging. You only need to follow our guide and complete the assignment fast. And while you are still here, feel free to read our guide on where to buy potions and recipes in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Complete Professor Onai’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy – Guide


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