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How to Complete Getaway Vehicle Mission in DMZ

How to Complete Getaway Vehicle Mission in DMZ
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Warzone 2 DMZ has many interesting missions that will keep you playing for hours. The Getaway Vehicle is a Tier 2 mission for the Black Mous Faction in Warzone 2 and will likely leave many players wondering just what to do in certain scenarios.

The mission requires you to drive a boat to a designated location, park it there, and throw a gas can into a nearby dumpster Dead Drop. But like many other missions in the game, completing it is easier said than done. So in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to complete the Getaway Vehicle mission in DMZ.

How to complete DMZ’s Getaway Vehicle mission

First off, you need to acquire an RHIB boat from the river next to Sa’id City, or via nearby POIs like Hafid Port and Sawah Village. Then drive the boat to the area highlighted by the yellow line and then park the boat offshore by the boundary wall.


While this particular task might start off easy, certain players have encountered bugs that made it impossible for them to complete the mission, at least on the first try. So if you face the same issue, try moving the boat back and forth before attempting to park it again.

After you’ve managed to park the getaway vehicle, cross the river and make your way into Sa’id City and eliminate 10 Al Soldiers in the area as highlighted in the yellow circle. Then pick up a Gas Can and drop it at the Sattiq Dead Drop. You can equip those from any nearby gas station as highlighted by the green circles.

Up next you’ll have to place a gas can in the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop in the same deployment next to the mountain with the communication tower. The area is heavily guarded by a number of armored AQ soldiers, which you can take out before dropping the gas can inside the Dead Drop.

That’s all you have to do to complete the Getaway Vehicle mission in DMZ. There are three main tasks, including parking an RHIB along the walled shore across the river south of Sa’id City, killing 10 enemies in Sa’id City in the same deployment, and placing a gas can in the Sattiq Caves Dead Drop.

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How to Complete Getaway Vehicle Mission in DMZ


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