How to Climb up to High Spots in The Good Life

The Good Life

In The Good Life, nothing is truly what it seems. Rainy Woods definitely looks like the most peaceful town in the world, but players will discover soon after starting the game that it hides quite a few mysteries beneath its tranquil exterior.

Rainy Woods also features plenty of secret areas to find, and you will need to take advantage of Naomì’s newfound powers to climb to high spots and discover them all. Here’s how to do just that.

How to Climb up to High Spots in The Good Life

The roofs of Rainy Woods hide a lot of different items, but it’s impossible to climb up to high spots in Naomi’s human form. To do so, you will need to take advantage of the Claw Marks, which indicate spots where it is possible to climb up while in Cat form.

To turn into a Cat, all you need to do is press right on the directional pad. To climb up to high spots using Claw Marks, press the ZL button to activate the first-person camera view, look at the Claw Marks to highlight them, and press the ZR button to start climbing. Thanks to this technique, you will be able to explore the entirety of Rainy Woods and find all sorts of secrets!

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How to Climb up to High Spots in The Good Life


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