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How to Clean Your Clothes in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Clean Your Clothes in Hogwarts Legacy
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Hogwarts Legacy features a comprehensive customization system. It includes tons of skins and unique pieces of cloth that can be equipped on your wizard to make him look unique. In this guide, you can learn how to clean your clothes in Hogwarts Legacy—and if that is even possible. 

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Can you clean your clothes in Hogwarts Legacy?

Players noticed their robes were dirty even from the first hours of gameplay. They tried to water their clothes and re-equip them, but doing so didn’t solve the issue. It is a fact: you cannot clean your clothes in Hogwarts Legacy.

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However, if you look at the reports, you will find that clothes get dirty only on PlayStation 5. On PC and other platforms, players do not have issues with dirt. Therefore, most people consider that it is a glitch that needs to be fixed.

Even though this information is yet to be officially confirmed, we consider this rumor likely to appear real. So, feel free to join other players and ping developers on Twitter and Reddit to inform them about this issue. It might significantly speed up the fix of this glitch.

How to change clothes in Hogwarts Legacy

Nothing is challenging about changing/unequipping clothes in Hogwarts Legacy. First, head to the main menu and select the gear tab. There, you can see all the gear slots and equipped gear.

You only need to hover over the gear you want to change and press X on your controller. After that, feel free to change your clothes as you wish in Hogwarts Legacy. And if you press the circle button, you can transmog your equipment, making your character look unique.

That’s it with cleaning your clothes in Hogwarts Legacy. It is, sadly, impossible to clean your dirty clothes at the moment of writing. However, this issue is likely to be fixed in the upcoming updates.

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How to Clean Your Clothes in Hogwarts Legacy


  1. PlayStation 4 gamer here- clothes are definitely getting dirty for me! It seems to randomly come and go, as I adventure. Getting wet by swimming is similar but different pattern and dries quickly and consistently. I thought “dodging” aka rolling ( there’s a pun in there somewhere) was causing the dirt at first, but I have dodged without any dirt appearing.


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