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How to Check MMR in Teamfight Tactics

How to Check MMR in Teamfight Tactics

MMR is quite a big deal when it comes to TFT and League of Legends alike, because it will give you an idea on what people you get matched with in your games. Of course, Teamfight Tactics and LoL are not the only games with MMR – there is Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant, and many more.

In short, MMR means Matchmaking Rating, and it is a system used to place you in a similar bracket (or game) with other players with similar MMR.

As I previously mentioned, Teamfight Tactics uses a MMR system to determine your ranking too – but sadly, the game doesn’t show your MMR actively in-game. To find out what your MMR is in TFT, you need to access a different website.

How to Check Your MMR in TFT

The process is fairly simple – first, you need to open this website. Then, you will select the game (TFT) if it’s not already selected (on the top side of the screen).

Next, select the region for yourself or the person you want to check.

Last, type in the summoner’s name and press Enter.

You will see a lot of personal stats, win %, placement history, and many other useful stats. You can use all of these stats to give you an average idea of how you’re doing MMR-wise. For instance, if you have a very high win %, you will most likely play with people of a higher rank than yourself, and if your win % is low, you’ll be matched with people of a lower rank.

Note: Some time ago, the MMR rating used to be solid numbers (for example 900-something pts for a specific Gold rank) – nowadays, I noticed that things have changed, and MMR is slightly different on all websites, for all League-related games. So, the closest you’ll get to find out your average MMR is to check your win-rate in games, and use that to get an idea.

How to Win More Games in TFT?

If you want to get a higher win-rate, you should always try to place top 3 – even if top 4 players get LP, only the top 3 counts as a win (and therefore boost your MMR). So, don’t make it your point to get top 4, but top 3. For that, always try to play meta compositions, upgrade your heroes to 3-star and get an edge over your opponents by scouting them ahead of time.

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How to Check MMR in Teamfight Tactics


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