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How to Change Master Assists in Street Fighter 6

This guide details how you can change Master Assists in Street Fighter 6.

Master Assist is a game mechanic in Street Fighter 6 that players can use to call in a Master for help during battle. It is one of the key mechanics that will help you progress the World Tour mode efficiently while ensuring you always have your back covered by the Master whose Fighting Style you are currently using. 

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And if you are tired of the same Master assisting you in battle, keep reading our guide as it talks about how to change Master Assists in Street Fighter 6.

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How to Change Master Assists in Street Fighter 6

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When writing this guide, there is no option in Street Fighter 6 to change Master Assists manually. Currently, the Master Assists work randomly, as any master available to help can assist you in battle instead of a particular one you choose. 

That said, some players have noticed that changing the Fighting Style in the game helps you switch Master Assists. Conversely, increasing Bond Level with the Masters allows you to change Master Assists in Street Fighter 6

So far, we have seen changing Fighting Styles do change the Master Assists in the game. Though in the case of Bond Level, increasing Bond with a certain character sometimes makes them the new Master Assists, sometimes it doesn’t work. 

For now, we recommend changing Fighting Styles to switch between Master Assists in Street Fighter 6 until Capcom adds a full-fledged manual option to change them before or during battles. 

Lastly, if you want to increase your Bond Level with the characters to check if they can become your new assist, we recommend giving them gifts, sparing with them, and completing their missions. 

If there are any changes to the Master Assists system in Street Fighter 6, we will update this guide. 

That concludes our guide on how to change Master Assists in Street Fighter 6. For more on Street Fighter 6, check out our dedicated guides section

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How to Change Master Assists in Street Fighter 6