How to Change Class without losing progress in Diablo: Immortal

Everything We Know About Diablo Immortal Mobile

Diablo Immortal remains one of the most anticipated games that’s set to make its way to mobile this year. Ahead of its release, Blizzard has announced a new and interesting feature in the game that will allow players change classes without losing their entire game progress.

“We didn’t want to force our players into the hard choice of giving up progress on their main character to support an alt,” Blizzard’s update reads. “We also didn’t want anyone to feel obligated to keep a roster of alt characters to gather rewards and resources, or to match the shifting demands of Leaderboards, Cycle of Strife, or other competitive systems. Class Change gives you the freedom to explore classes that you get from multiple alts, but without any of those downsides. It also allows us to give full rewards to each new character you play, with no expectation you’ll share resources among them.”

The blog post from the official Blizzard website listed a bunch of features that players should expect to get in the mobile version of Diablo Immortal. The game’s developers explained that players will be able to change between different classes without losing their progress on mobile.

Players who are based in Westmarch, a western Kingdom in the game, will be able to change their character into a whole new class and at the same time alter the way they look.

Diablo Immortal

So not only can players keep the progress they’ve made after playing paragon levels, but they’ll also receive a new set of equipped items that work with the new class they’ve chosen. And even more surprising, players will be able to keep their previous equipment and stash or transfer all their item progress and gems over to their new gear as well.

Progress on Horadric Vessels and Helliquary will also be retained. The one thing players will have to do again after changing their class is collect legendary items for their changed class.

Diablo Immortal remains in pre-registration as there is currently no concrete release date for the game on mobile. We do however, expect the game to launch in late 2022 or sooner.

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How to Change Class without losing progress in Diablo: Immortal


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