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How To Change Clan Tag Color In MW2

How To Change Clan Tag Color In MW2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is finally out and it comes with a couple of tricks up its sleeves that are known mostly to CoD veterans. One of these tricks is being able to change the colour of your name and clan tag in multiplayer.

In previous CoD titles, Infinity Ward had always made it easy for players to change that colour from the standard white/grey to pretty much any colour they want. Fortunately, there’s also a way to do this in Modern Warfare 2 and in this guide we’ll be showing you how to change Clan Tag Color in MW2.

How To Change Clan Tag Color In MW2

These colours are only reflected on the player’s screen and on someone else’s friends list, which isn’t very exciting. And even after changing the colour, the new colour will not appear in an actual game or even the pre-game lobby.

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And while some clan tags come in different colours in the pre-game lobby, there does appear to be some inconsistency with that rule. However, if players decide to stand out to their friends or even to other random players in a match, they can change the colour of their name as well as their clan tag in CoD MW2.

So to do this, players will need to go to the game’s in-game launcher, by going to Options and clicking the icons in the top right of the screen. From there they can scroll over until they reach their emblem icon at which point they’ll have the option to edit their clan tag.

Now for this next step, players will need a keyboard. For those on console, however, simply plug in a keyboard using the USB slots on your console. PC users don’t have to worry about that. So once they’re on the edit clan tag screen, they can insert the upwards arrow key (^) and then select the below numbers to change the colour of their name or clan tag.

As represented below, these numbers each represent a different colour:

  • ^0: Black
  • ^1: Red
  • ^2: Green
  • ^3: Yellow
  • ^4: Blue
  • ^5: Light Blue
  • ^6: Pink
  • ^7: White
  • ^8: Navy Blue
  • ^9: Maroon

After typing in the arrow key and the desired number, also type in the rest of your clan tag. It’s also worth noting that players can only have five spaces in the clan tag editor, so their clan tag cannot be more than three characters long if they’re going to change the colour.

After choosing a colour, simply exit the clan tag editor and then they’ll be able to view their new name and clan tag colour in Modern Warfare 2.

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How To Change Clan Tag Color In MW2


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