How to Catch Tapu Lele and Can it be Shiny in Pokemon Go

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With the recently launched Lush Jungle event in Pokemon GO, there have been a lot of new fun and exciting additions to the augmented-reality Pokemon-catching game, with new Pokemon being added in left, right, and center, such as Stufful and Fomantis.

Not only are ordinary Pokemon being added in, but Legendary Pokemon too! One of these Legendaries is none other than one of the Island Guardians, Tapu Lele.

If you have been wondering how you can catch Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO, as well as if its shiny variant is available, then continue reading this article!

How to Catch Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO?

As of now, Tapu Lele cannot be obtained in any other method than through raid battles. Tapu Lele is appearing as a 5-Star raid boss during the course of the Lush Jungle event, which means that you will have to battle and capture it along with other trainers in a 5-Star raid!

Can Tapu Lele be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

While Niantic has added Tapu Lele into the game, they have unfortunately not added in its shiny variant. This means that no matter how many times you encounter Tapu Lele, there is no chance for you to come across a shiny one.

Long-time players of Pokemon GO were not even expecting Niantic to add in Tapu Lele’s shiny form along with it, since this is usually how the game operates, milking the most out of the content provided to players. Niantic is surely saving the release of Tapu Lele’s shiny version for a future event, which is bound to hit the game sooner or later, so all we have to do is be a little patient.

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How to Catch Tapu Lele and Can it be Shiny in Pokemon Go


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