How to Catch and Eat People Quickly in Cocaine Bear Mobile Game


With the release of the Cocaine Bear film just around the corner, Universal Pictures created a mobile tie-in game to celebrate. The Cocaine Bear mobile game is pretty much a Pac-Man style arcade game, where Cocaine Bear must navigate a maze to eat people. You know, just everyday normal bear stuff! Today, we’ll show you how to catch and eat people quickly in Cocaine Bear mobile game!

Catching and eating people fast in Cocaine Bear mobile game

As you start the Cocaine Bear game, the campers will be pretty slow. You can easily catch up to them by simply running after them, and you’ll eat them eventually.

This gets a little harder later on, as the people get a tad bit faster than Cocaine Bear. To get around this, you’ll need to start cutting people off and ambushing them at intersections.

If you see a person running one way, don’t just chase after them—look at the direction they’re going and try to cut them off at an upcoming intersection.

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This works pretty well, but eventually people will start turning around and running the opposite direction of you. You’ll have to get even speedier in order to keep eating people, but how?

Why, the red duffle bags, of course! At the beginning of each maze, four red duffle bags spawn in each corner of the maze. Grabbing a red duffle bag will temporarily grant a huge speed boost to Cocaine Bear!

Each red duffle bag lasts a couple of seconds, and Cocaine Bear is superfast for the duration. You’ll easily be able to catch lots of people while the speed lasts, so make it count!

Don’t let the people grab the red duffle bags!

You might be tempted to save the red duffle bags for a crucial moment, but we encourage you to use them right off the bat. The reason for this is that the people can actually steal the bags!

If a person runs over one of the red duffle bags, they’ll steal it. You won’t be able to use that bag for the remainder of the level, so it’s better to use them before they can get stolen.

That concludes our guide on how to catch and eat people quickly in Cocaine Bear mobile game. If you have any other tips for catching those pesky runners quickly, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Catch and Eat People Quickly in Cocaine Bear Mobile Game


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