How to Catch a Squid in Cult of the Lamb


Cult of the Lamb is one of the latest titles on console and PC that offers a variety of interesting features including mini fishing games. And in this article, we’ll be showing you how to catch a Squid in Cult of the Lamb.

Fishing mini-games have slowly become a standard mode in numerous games and genres as it allows players to enjoy a brief moment of respite from whatever activity they’re doing in the background.

In Cult of the Lamb, players are able to fish for food and even assist a fisherman by collecting some of the treasures of the deep water. And upon reaching Pilgrim’s Passage, the fisherman will ask you to deliver a specific type of fish.

How to Catch a Squid in Cult of the Lamb


Catching a Squid in Cult of the Lamb is not very complicated as you’ll find most of the items you need alongside the fisherman in Pilgrim’s Passage.

Simply stand next to the fisherman in the marked area and cast a line out to the fish-shaped shadows in the water ahead of you. Once you’ve got a bite, hold the requested button to keep the hook in the safe area, designated by the moving bar. Once it gets close enough, you’ll reel in and catch the fish.


The fishing mini-game is random, meaning you can’t tell which type of fish you’ll catch until you do. For Squids, however, a number of players have reported that they were able to capture Squids when they fished at nighttime, so you could try that as well.

There’s a special ritual that players can unlock to assist in fishing. They can unlock this by levelling up their cult’s Sustenance stat to level three and then selecting the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty doctrine. This will allow players to perform a ritual in their temple that will make a particular type of fish appear more often and the amount will multiply as well.

Cult of the Lamb’s fishing mini-game is similar to that of Stardew Valley and requires quick reflexes to push and let go of the button with the right timing. And although it’s easy to reel in small fish, catching a big fish can be a bit more challenging.

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How to Catch a Squid in Cult of the Lamb


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