How to Capture a Village in Dune Spice Wars on Steam Deck

Dune Spice Wars village

The recent Dune game remains in Early Access, but already now offers players a lot of mechanics and exciting gameplay that fans of the genre will be interested in. In the guide, we will tell you how to capture a region and a settlement in Dune Spice Wars in order to gain an advantage in terms of resources and influence on the planetary situation.

Capturing an Object in Dune Spice Wars

Local villages have useful points of interest that scouts discover. You can activate them to automatically scan the surrounding space. When something interesting is found, note that there is always a settlement in the area. It is impossible to take it right away because the local militias are not happy with the guests.

How powerful are the forces that oppose you? Dealing with it is an elementary procedure that does not require additional training. Two or three squads are enough, especially if there are rangers in the team. Losses on your part will be minimal but pay attention to the waves of the sand cover. If the ground moves, there is a danger of a worm that can swallow your entire horde along with enemies.

Note that if the regional territory is located near the borders of your capital, powerful artillery pieces will provide fire support. The general principle is as follows: move forward, discover mineral deposits, capture new areas and rapidly expand your military empire.

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How to Capture a Village in Dune Spice Wars on Steam Deck


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