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How to Call a Vehicle Using a Dial A Drop in Fortnite

How to Call a Vehicle Using a Dial A Drop in Fortnite

Dial-A-Drop arrived in Fortnite recently and with it comes a chance to call a loot drop, some healing items, or a fully-equipped vehicle! One of the weekly quests is to utilise this item and call a vehicle to help you get across the island safely. Find out how to call a vehicle using Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite right here!

Call a Vehicle Using Dial-A-Drop

Dial-A-Drop lets players call for help whenever they need it. It can be used to call for the following drops:

  • Med supplies: provide a supply drop of Med Kits, Shield pots, Chug Splash, and Med Spray
  • Loot supplies: provides a supply of weapons and ammo, and other items such as Launchpads and Grapple Gliders
  • Vehicle: provides a fully-fuelled vehicle complete with cow-catcher and Chonker tyres

One of the weekly challenges players need to complete is to use the Dial A Drop to call a Vehicle. Using a Dial A Drop is easy but first you will need to find one. The item can be found as floor loot in various places around the island, or in regular, rare, or chrome chests.

vehicle drop fortnite
Calling for a Vehicle Drop in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Players can use a Dial A Drop only once, and once it has been used it leaves the inventory. To get a vehicle drop, players must select the Dial A Drop, activate it to open the options, and choose the Vehicle Drop option.

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Once the vehicle has been called, there is a short wait time as the drop is deployed. It floats down on a parachute which can be shot down to speed up the process. When the vehicle lands it can be used straight away.

Waiting for the Vehicle drop (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

That is all you need to know about calling for a vehicle using a Dial A Drop in Fortnite! Next up, why not check out how to ride a Loot Shark using a fishing rod? Good luck!

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How to Call a Vehicle Using a Dial A Drop in Fortnite


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