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How to Buy an Apartment in Shadows of Doubt

How to Buy an Apartment in Shadows of Doubt
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What is a private investigator without a place of their own where they can put up elaborate maps with all the clues connected by pieces of string? We have a deep appreciation for every game that offers some sort of home base, especially if you can arrange and decorate it to your liking, which is the case in Shadows of Doubt as well.

However, getting a new place of your own in this detective game is not as straightforward as you may like. In this guide, we’ll explain how to buy an apartment in Shadows of Doubt if you’re not happy with what you get by default.

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How to Buy an Apartment in Shadows of Doubt

Shadows of Doubt apartment
Image by Fireshine Games

If you’re playing in The Dead of Night mode, you will start the game with an apartment to your name. However, you will lose it during the tutorial—and it wasn’t a lovely place to begin with, so no regrets?

Still, at some point, you may want to have your own place once again. To buy an apartment in Shadows of Doubt, you will have to look for offers in your carefully simulated city. In most cases, apartment ads can be found in restaurants or bars in areas close to phones, where you can find some new jobs as well. You can easily recognize apartment ads because they are square, while job ads are rectangular.

Don’t be surprised if you have to look for a decent place for a while (real life, anyone?). On the other hand, the good thing in Shadows of Doubt is that you need only one payment to get the apartment.

Some of the places you can get will be furnished, while others are empty. You can add furniture via your inventory menu and the Edit Decor button, but make sure to save everything often. The apartment feature has a lot of bugs currently.

And that’s everything you need to know about buying a new apartment in Shadows of Doubt. We hope you find a good one fast! If you’re looking for more mystery games to play, check out Mysteries of the Past and our strategy guide with the best tips and tricks.

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How to Buy an Apartment in Shadows of Doubt