How to Build an Airport in Theotown

How to Build an Airport in Theotown

The airport building is one of the largest buildings in TheoTown. Therefore, you need to have a lot of resources to build an airport, about 4.2MT to build the simplest one. Also, do not forget about the free area, which you set for the airport. Before starting to build an airport, make sure you have this thing done, otherwise, you will be stopped and won’t see the first flight from your airport. In addition, remember that the more money you provide for the airport, the more money it will bring you. However, don’t build it with all your remaining money. In this case, update other infrastructure to make more money and build a big and effective airport in the future.

The Simplest Airport in Theotown

First, you should build a runway at least 12 squares long, which is the minimum required length. Then you have to build a tower, an entry, and then a gate. When you have completed these steps, transport the road from the gate to the runway. Now your airport is ready to use. To do the first flight, tap the tower, add a lane, tap the lane, and add a plane. 

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Advanced Airport Variant in Theotown

There are many options and infrastructure objects which you can use to update your airport. Open a car parking or helipad area, the decision is up to you. However, it would be wise to invest your resources in the productivity and functionality of the airport, not its beauty.

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How to Build an Airport in Theotown


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