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How to Build a Wind Team in World Flipper

How to Build a Wind Team in World Flipper

World Flipper is an RPG with a gacha system from Kakao Games Corp. You will collect heroes, level them up, and use them as projectiles in the arena. All this is served in nice pixel art with a bunch of animated inserts. There are also many different elements and an opportunity to build a team. And this guide will tell you about the wind command.

How to Build a Wind Team

In World Flipper, characters are divided into 6 different elements: Darkness, Light, Water, Fire, Thunder, and Wind. Wind commands are quite popular as the ability to levitate is very useful. And also there are very cool characters, such as Owlbert.

Most of the best teams are built around the leadership of Celtie or Soushiro.

Celtie is a powerful 5-star character who will use her Enlil Reincarnate to deal wind damage to enemies in front and behind. And also she increases the damage of other wind characters by 40%, and by 60% if the combo counter is 10+.

Soushiro deals damage in all directions with her skill. And thanks to Hikoboshi’s Wish, at the beginning of the battle, it increases Skill Gauge by 30% for wind units and by 80% Skill Damage.

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Shoushiro Team

The leader is of course Soushiro, Vyron plays the role of a sub, and for Armaments you will choose Whitetail’s Ax.

For the second team, Phiria and a Mia sub with a Nether Khakkhara outfit are suitable.

And the third team includes Sha Suzu, Owlbert, and Ame no Habakiri.

Celtie Team

Leader – Celtie, Rams – Sub, Armaments – Whitetail’s Ax

The second group includes Phiria and Kamaitachi, as well as Nether Khakkhara.

And the third group includes Sha Suzu, Owlbert, and Woodsprite Greatsword.

You can replace Phiria and Mia with Aurore and Arisa.

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How to Build a Wind Team in World Flipper


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