How to Build a Nuker in Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends
Raid Shadow Legends

Everything you need to know about how to build a nuke in Raid: Shadow Legends may be found on this page. If you follow our guide, farming the arena won’t take you long at all. Further information is provided below.

Go Second Nuker vs Go First Nuker

On a go first nuker you are going to need a decent amount of speed. On top of that, you want your de-buffer unit to go first and apply its skills to the enemy before your nuker goes on.

A go second nuker needs less set up in a way. Obviously, you still want your buffer unit to go first, but the general idea is that you want a somewhat tanky nuker that can survive, absorb the enemy attack before it goes on the offensive.

Artifact Sets

Your first nuker will be built as a full glass cannon. Which means, no defenses whatsoever. You focus on maxing out its damage output. The higher the burst, the better. With that said, the best artifacts that you can get for your Go First Nuker in Raid: Shadow Legends, are the following:

  • Savage (Ignores % of enemy DEF) (Keep any Savage boots with ATK% or DEF% bonus)
  • Lethal (Farm Dark Fey)
  • Cruel

TIP: Keep any gear that you might get with the following stats because you might need them later on in the game:

  • DEF % / HP % on Stoneskin gear (for your go second nuker).
  • ATK % in Cruel, Savage, Lethal

Gear Stats

Nothing wrong with going critical rate on your gears if you can get enough of it. Regardless of the nuker that you are using, you want to max out C,Rate. It’s more important than getting your attack or speed stat up. After that you can focus on C. Damage and ATK%.

  • Banner – Attack
  • Amulet – C.DMG
  • Ring – Attack


Masteries are super important for your nuker in every stage of the game. Picking the wrong ones will result in a massive loss of damage output. And the whole point of having a nuker is to grind arena fast so make sure to have the right masteries.


  • Deadly Precision (C.Rate) (Unless you are over 100% C.Rate in which case this mastery is pretty useless for you and you should opt for Blade Discipline.)
  • Shield Breaker
  • Keen Strike
  • Ruthless Ambush
  • Opportunist (Especially if you have a debuff unit that goes before your nuker this mastery will increase your damage output by a lot.)
  • Bring it Down (Extra damage to high hp targets)
  • Helmsmasher (must have)

Defense and Support masteries are situational and they depend on your champion.

Important Buffs for your Nuker(s) and Turn Order

You always want to pair your nuker with a unit that can increase its damage output. Buffs that can increase C.Rate, Speed, Attack or Defense if we are talking about a defensive nuker, are always super useful. If you don’t have these buffs in place before it’s your nuker’s turn to attack, you are going to miss out on a lot of damage output. And of course, you want your buffer unit to cast its buffs before your nuker goes on attack.


  • Defensive Nuker (Go Second): Staltus Dragonbane
  • Buffer: Mausoleum Mage
  • Attack Nuker (Go First): Trunda Giltmallet
  • Buffer: Arbiter

That concludes our tutorial on how to make a nuker in Raid: Shadow Legends. If you love this game, you may be interested in reading the following posts:

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How to Build a Nuker in Raid: Shadow Legends


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