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How to Build a Lighthouse in Townscaper | Tips & Guide

How to Build a Lighthouse in Townscaper | Tips & Guide
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Townscaper is the ultimate zen game where you get to design a cute little port town. The building mechanics are extremely simple, but there are some hidden buildings you can trigger, so here’s how to build a lighthouse in Townscaper.

How to Make a Lighthouse in Townscaper

Building in Townscaper is pretty simple, as it’s effectively a two-button game. You left-click or tap to place a foundation, then right-click to remove one. You’re working on a grid that you can make invisible or not, and different buildings will form depending on your placement of your foundations.

One of the buildings you can make is a lighthouse, which makes sense since you’re building in a seaside port town. Since your only other options besides building normal foundations is to change the color, it looks like we’re going to have to use different colors to get the lighthouse.

To build a lighthouse, you need to alternate between two colors. In the image below, we started with an orange foundation, then built a blue foundation on top, then another orange one, which turns it into a lighthouse.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

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The lighthouse always has to be on top of course, so you can’t stack multiple lighthouses in one tower. You can make the lighthouse taller if you want, and you do that by making the tower one color first, then alternating three pieces at the top between two colors.

For example, you can make the base of the tower one color, which we did in the screenshot below. The base is five yellow foundations, and at the top, we alternated between green and yellow to make the lighthouse.

Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

And that’s how you make a lighthouse in Townscaper. If you have any other questions about building in Townscaper, let us know in the comments below. Happy building!

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How to Build a Lighthouse in Townscaper | Tips & Guide