How to Build a Dyson Sphere in Dyson Sphere Program?

How to Build a Dyson Sphere in Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is a great space simulator that allows players to build and develop their own colony, which can then surf the vast universe. Let’s learn how to build a Dyson Sphere in Dyson Sphere Program, which is the key goal of the gamer. The training system in the game is weak. Therefore, it is hard to understand many things without additional support, so we are here to help with our guide.

Dyson Sphere Program Guide: How to Build a Dyson Sphere? Beginner Tips

How to Build a Dyson Sphere in Dyson Sphere Program

To get started, study the technology for discovering resources and systems (Tab, Universe Exploration). On the galaxy map, click on the stars, go to the Solar Sail System, and select the sail fabric to place in orbit. Do not use cannons, try to learn vertical launch as soon as possible.

When missile units are learned, you will get an additional menu for editing. There, you can set the desired slope and radius. The amount of energy consumed is 100 kW for each racket.

All conditions are indicated in the user interface, so do not ignore the requirements. In the Build Plan Flame tab, you can draw the necessary blueprint. Each bridge between missiles will require up to 2 MW. The development of such resources takes time and accuracy, so we advise you not to rush.

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When the square is drawn, you can use the Dyson Sphere tool. For construction, solar panels launched by guns are used. The calculation of parameters must be carried out with high accuracy so as not to waste raw materials in vain. The further passage of the campaign will become more fun and exciting since the main task is completed.

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How to Build a Dyson Sphere in Dyson Sphere Program?


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