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How to Breed Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy – Beast Breeding

How to Breed Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy – Beast Breeding

Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy are a unique system used as an analog for pets in other video games. Breeding beasts is one of the best ways to get a lot of gold in Hogwarts Legacy fast. It might be helpful not only for experienced players but also for beginners. Read this guide, and you will find out how to breed beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Breeding Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Before breeding beasts, you should complete a Deek quest called The Plight of The House Elf. Also, you should progress through the main storyline and start the Foal of The Dead quest. 

Once done, you need to obtain a Breeding Pen Spellcraft that can be purchased for 1,000 Gold in Tomes and Scrolls. It is a necessary spellcraft that allows you to breed beasts. Be sure Breeding Pen Spellcraft is worth its price. 

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With Breeding Pen Spellcraft, you should continue completing the quest and rescue male and female Thestral. After that, you should return to Hogwarts and talk with Deek to conjure a breeding pan selecting Thestral. Doing so will move Thestrals into the particular area where they will bring new offspring in 30 minutes. 

You only need to get a nab-sack and catch a little Thestral to sell it for 120 gold in Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade. It allows you to get more than 200 gold per hour. Moreover, you can create a few breeding pens to increase your effectiveness.

That’s it with breeding beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. It is one of the best ways to farm gold AFK. You only need not remember to pick up and sell offspring every 30 minutes. It can be quickly done if you set up a notification on your phone. Also, we’ve got a guide on how to fix Species Limit Reached in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to Breed Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy – Beast Breeding


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