How to Become Immortal in BitLife

How to Embezzle a Lot of Money in Bitlife

The idea of prolonging your life appears as soon as you reach your first success in BitLife. Even though most players consider it impossible to avoid death in this game, we have found a way how you can ignore it. And this guide will show you how to become immortal in BitLife.

Can You Become Immortal in BitLife?

It is impossible to become immortal without using additional software in BitLife. As you get older, your character starts suffering more and more diseases that will gradually kill him. BitLife works like real life. So, you can pass away in your 50s even if you don’t have unhealthy habits and take up the sport.

But if you don’t mind using cheat programs and have an Android smartphone, continue reading the guide. You will find out the most straightforward way to become immortal here.

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Becoming Immortal in BitLife

The only way to become immortal in BitLife is to download a special app named GameGuardian. It allows you to manipulate the game data and change your character’s age. First, you need to open GameGuardian and then log into the game. Create the new profile and then use the search function, entering your age “1”. 

Every time you grow in BitLife, you need to use the search function again and type the new value of your age. When you reach 20-25, GameGuardian will show you from 1 to 5 values in the search list. 

You only need to change these values to the desired age and then apply the changes. Your character will instantly become older, saving all the physical parameters. And when you get too old, you can use GameGuardian again to transform your hero into a kid.

That’s it with becoming immortal in BitLife. As you can see, it is impossible to become immortal without using GameGuardian. However, even GameGuardian is a risky way that is suitable for only a small number of players. Also, make sure to read our guide on how to become the president in BitLife.

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How to Become Immortal in BitLife


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