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How to Beat Water Sort Level 31

How to Beat Water Sort Level 31
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Are you eager to learn how to beat Water Sort level 31? We got you covered. Keep on reading, and learn all about it!

Passing time by playing puzzle games when I am bored has always been one of my favorite leisure activities. Out of the many puzzle games on the Google Play Store, Water Sort is the one that caught my attention the most. While the idea of sorting color-coded water from one vial to another might sound simple, let me assure you that the higher levels of Water Sort can be quite mind-boggling.

Water Sort’s level 31 is one such level where players may find themselves stuck. Follow this guide to find the way to beat Water Sort level 31 easily.

Water Sort Level 31 Guide

Water Sort level 31
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

Getting stuck is a common aspect of Water Sort puzzles. After every ten or twenty levels, players will experience an increase in difficulty, in the form of either more vials or colors. For this reason, many players end up getting stuck at levels like 31. Water Sort level 31 features 9 colors and 11 vials, out of which two are empty from the beginning.

For the sake of simplifying this guide, we are numbering the vials from 1 to 11, as shown in the screenshot below. Keep track of these numbers, and let’s start solving the puzzle.

  1. Vial 6 lime to 10
  2. Vial 8 lime to 10
  3. Vial 4 grey to 11
  4. Vial 8 grey to 11
  5. Vial 7 grey to 11
  6. Vial 1 light blue to 7
  7. Vial 1 red to 8
  8. Vial 4 purple to 1
  9. Vial 4 lime to 10
  10. Vial 7 light blue to 4
  11. Vial 9 orange to 7
  12. Vial 3 yellow to 6
  13. Vial 3 orange to 7
  14. Vial 3 purple to 1
  15. Vial 2 violet to 3
  16. Vial 2 blue to 9
  17. Vial 2 grey to 11
  18. Vial 2 lime to 10
  19. Vial 6 yellow to 2
  20. Vial 6 light blue to 4
  21. Vial 9 blue to 6
  22. Vial 5 blue to 6
  23. Vial 9 yellow to 2
  24. Vial 9 violet to 3
  25. Vial 8 red to 9
  26. Vial 5 red to 9
  27. Vial 5 blue to 6
  28. Vial 5 purple to 1
  29. Vial 7 orange to 8
  30. Vial 7 violet to 3

That’s it! By following these steps, players will be able to clear Level 31 in the Water Sort puzzle. Like this level, there are many others with a sudden spike in difficulty. Players can use our Water Sort puzzle guides on levels:

That would sum up our guide on how to beat Water Sort level 31. If you are stuck on any other level, let us know down in the comments below and we’ll make a guide for you!

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How to Beat Water Sort Level 31