How to Beat the Minigames and Get a Higher Score in Dumb Ways to Die 2


Dumb Ways to Die 2 features a bunch of lovable cartoon characters who usually end up dying in horrible and hilarious ways, hence the name of the game. The only thing that can save them is you, so get ready to tap and swipe your way through hundreds of minigames to stop dumb deaths!

There are a lot of different minigames to play, so we’ll show you how to beat the minigames and get a higher score in Dumb Ways to Die 2.

Guide to beating minigames in Dumb Ways to Die 2

There are eight worlds in Dumb Ways to Die 2, each with their own set of themed minigames to play. Although most of the minigames in Dumb Ways to Die 2 are relatively unique, all of them can be broken down into several categories, which include:

  • Tapping minigames
  • Swiping & dragging minigames
  • Motion control minigames
  • Do nothing minigames

We’ll go through each type of minigame and discuss how to beat them and various strategies you can use to make it easier. You get more points the faster you can get through a minigame, and that’s the key to getting high scores.

Beating tapping minigames in Dumb Ways to Die 2

Tapping minigames are probably the most common type of minigame in Dumb Ways to Die 2. As the name suggests, you’ll be tapping away at the screen in order to beat the minigame.

Most of the minigames where you’re running away from something requires you to tap the screen as fast as you can to keep up the speed. If you don’t tap fast enough, you’ll fall behind and die!

Tap with multiple fingers when you’re playing the rapid tapping minigames. Pretend like you’re tapping a desk with three fingers like you’re impatiently waiting for something. This motion helps you register multiple taps easily, and it’s much better than just using one finger.

Another type of the tapping minigames are the obstacle dodging ones. Your character will be running down a road, and they’ll have to jump over obstacles that line the path. There’s not much to this one other than good timing, so be patient and wait for the right moment to jump.

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Beating swiping & dragging minigames in Dumb Ways to Die 2

The second most common type of minigame are the swiping and dragging ones. These require you to swipe in a specific direction, or drag an object somewhere, or something even rotate in a circle.

Sometimes these games will come with a timing aspect as well. An arrow goes back and forth in a bar, and you must perform the action while the arrow is in the highlighted part of the bar, otherwise you’ll fail. Be patient, and take your time!

Other games require you to drag objects or trace a line. Be especially careful about the tracing ones, as they don’t give you a lot of time when the minigames are faster. They can also be a little finicky with the trace detection, so trace quickly but accurately.

There are swiping games that also require you to spin around, or make circles with your fingers. These get really hard when the minigames are fast, so keep in mind that you don’t need to draw big circles; small circles work just fine and they’re much faster to draw.

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Beating motion control minigames in Dumb Ways to Die 2

These minigames utilize your device’s accelerometer to utilize motion controls in the game. You’ll have to physically tilt your device around to complete the minigame.

Try to play Dumb Ways to Die 2 in a neutral position while holding your device steady. The reason for this is that the calibration for the motion control minigames happens as soon as the minigame appears, so if you move your device at all, your calibration will be way off. This usually leads to an instant failure.

There were several instances where we finished a tapping or swiping game, and got blindsided by the next game being a motion control game. Avoid this by constantly reminding yourself to hold your device in a neutral, upright position.

Let’s talk about the actual motion control games. Similar to the swiping games, a bar will appear with a marker. The marker will move based on how you move your device, and you want to keep the marker within the highlighted area.

Sometimes, there’s no bar, and you have to move your device based on what you see. The screenshot above is an example of this, where you need to prevent the guy from falling off the plane.

These games can be finicky because of the motion-controlled nature of them. Small, gentle movements are often enough, so don’t go overboard.

Beating do nothing minigames in Dumb Ways to Die 2

Now here’s a curveball for you! There are a few games where the objective is to simply do nothing. Yes, you read that right, you literally don’t do anything and you’ll win the minigame.

These can range from don’t tap the screen to don’t move your device. There are only a couple of them, but they do exist, and they’re designed to catch inattentive players off guard. Keep an eye on your objective and you’ll be fine.

That covers all the minigames you’ll encounter in Dumb Ways to Die 2. If you have any other tips for specific minigames, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Beat the Minigames and Get a Higher Score in Dumb Ways to Die 2


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