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How to Beat Stage 7-4 in Street Fighter: Duel

How to Beat Stage 7-4 in Street Fighter: Duel
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In games like Street Fighter: Duel, the more you progress in the main campaign, the more challenging enemy teams become. If you thought that everything was going peachy at first, you will probably change your mind by chapter 7 and stage 7-4 in particular.

In case this stage has been giving you a headache for some time now, you may benefit from this guide on how to beat stage 7-4 in Street Fighter: Duel. Let’s explore the enemy team, your best team configuration, and combos that will finally get you through this difficult level.

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Street Fighter: Duel stage 7-4 explained

In this stage, you face off against two level-94 characters (Abel and Rufus) and two level-95 characters (Ibuki and Chun-Li, who is the main culprit for all of your stress here). They all belong to the Wind faction, so you need to plan accordingly. The total enemy team power is 86k, which means that it would be beneficial if you could grind your way to that number or higher for your team.

Still, beating this stage will get you a unique perk: you start earning A-grade equipment when idling in Story Mode. That makes it even more enticing to get that win!

How to beat Street Fighter: Duel stage 7-4

Your team configuration for beating stage 7-4 in Street Fighter: Duel depend a lot on your available characters and your drawing luck. It is possible to clear 7-4 with different fighters, but the more leveled-up A-list team members you have, the better.

As a guideline, here is the overview of the team that worked for us:

  • Cammy (paired with Mad Ryu)
  • Chun-Li (paired with Yang)
  • Elena
  • Guile

All characters were leveled up to 100 or a bit more, so aim for similar if possible. To make sure you have enough resources to level up your fighters, make use of every in-game reward that you can, and redeem all the currently active Street Fighter: Duel codes.

For the winning combo, you can set everything up in this order: start with Chun-Li, then add Guile and Elena’s buff, and finish everything by using Cammy. Also, it might be better if you turn off auto and play on manual, since it gives you more control of what is going on in the game.

Apply Elena’s HP buffs to a single target—Chun-Li, preferably—and make use of Guile’s AoE skill. It might take you several attempts to get this right, but give this strategy a go, and don’t be afraid to experiment as well.

We hope you find this guide useful, and let us know how you managed to beat stage 7-4 in Street Fighter: Duel. If you need more assistance with this game, check out other useful guides in our dedicated Street Fighter: Duel section.

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How to Beat Stage 7-4 in Street Fighter: Duel


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