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How to Beat Kado Thorne Vampire in Fortnite

How to Beat Kado Thorne Vampire in Fortnite
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A vampiric creature now resides in Eclipsed Estate in Fortnite! Previously the estate had a vault guarded by Kado Thorne in his human form but since Fortnitemares and the Horde Rush LTM have begun there is something spooky going on. Kado is now a vampire and stalks the vault-inside-a-vault at Eclipsed Estate. He’s a tough boss to beat but he has a couple of great weapons so is definitely worth taking on. Read below how to beat Kado Thorne in Fortnite!

How to Kill Kado Thorne in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares

If you want to take on Kado Thorne’s vampiric form then head on over to Eclipsed Estates and down to where the vault was. The vault is still there but it is now unlocked and open, with the secret vault inside.

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Gear up with anything you find in the rare chests down there, and make sure you fully shield up. You’ll need as much protection as you can get! See if you can find a Business Turret or two as these can really help as a distraction against Kado.

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If you throw down a turret Kado will focus his attention on that first, giving you time to get some decent shots in. Kado has the Mythic Drum Gun and his own Vampiric Kinetic Blade so can not only shred your health and shield, but absorb your HP through hits with the blade and his vampiric powers.

Heal up whenever you need to and be aware that Kado will never leave the actual vault so you have the space to heal and go back in if you want to. The Wooden Stake Shotgun is a great weapon against the vampire boss, as is a fast firing AR. The trick is to get as many shots in as you can before he charges at you with his blade.

kado thorne fortnite
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The Vampiric Blade is the best thing he drops as not only can you boost across the map, with a 10s cooldown, you can siphon health from enemies you damage. The Mythic Drum Gun is, as always, a great weapon if you like super fast firing ARs. It can be used for both medium and short range, making it pretty versatile.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating Kado Thorne in Fortnite!

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How to Beat Kado Thorne Vampire in Fortnite