How to Beat Chapter 2 in – Chapter Guide

0 is a 2d top-down roguelite game where all kinds of dangerous zombies attack you in a city. The game features various chapters, and the difficulty increases with each chapter. In Chapter 2 of, you have to survive against hordes of butterflies, zombie dogs, construction zombies, elite enemies, and bosses for 15 minutes. This guide is excellent if you need help beating Chapter 2 in

Best Weapon for Chapter 2


Ranged weapons with automatic fire are the best for clearing Chapter 2, as you will face thousands of enemies, and automatic weapons let you focus on dodging enemies. The default weapon, Kunai, is one of the best for beating Chapter 2 in Consider upgrading Kunai if you don’t have a better weapon. Instead of Kunai, you can also go with Revolver, Katana, and Baseball Bat.

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Best Skills for Chapter 2

1) Molotov

Considering the number of enemies in Chapter 2, Molotov is a must-have skill. This skill randomly launches molotovs around the character. Deep into this chapter, you will face hundreds of enemies rushing towards you. Molotov is perfect for dealing AOE damage to hordes of enemies.

2) Guardian

Like Molotov, Guardian is another AOE damage skill. It creates two rotating spheres around you that deal damage to all enemies it comes in contact with. Be sure to upgrade this skill to add more spheres.

3) Forcefield

Forcefield is another active skill suited for Chapter 2. It deals damage to all nearby enemies. You can upgrade this skill to increase its range. Try to evolve this skill, as it will also help you gain health.

There are other helpful skills available in It is recommended to use skills suited to your playstyle.

How to Clear Chapter 2 in

In the first 60 seconds of Chapter 2, you will have to face butterflies and zombie dogs. These butterflies create a damaging area upon dying. Your goal should be to kill them and dodge puddles created by butterflies. Don’t forget to collect loot dropped by enemies. You need them to unlock and upgrade skills.

After 2 minutes, an elite butterfly will spawn. Maintain a safe distance from it and avoid its damage-dealing puddles. Once 3 minutes have passed, large swarms of zombies and butterflies will start attacking. By this time, you should have some AOE skills.

At 5 minutes, you will have to face the Papillon, the first boss. It launches projectiles towards you, which are easy to dodge. After defeating the boss, zombie construction workers will start spawning. These are tankier variants of regular zombies. Farm these zombies to level up faster.

At 7 minutes mark, massive groups of zombies, zombie dogs, and butterflies will start surrounding you. Keep moving around and let your skills deal damage to them.

The rest two bosses will appear at the 10 and 15 minutes mark. By this time, you should have your skills evolved. If you have problems against bosses, focus on evading their attacks and keeping a distance. Your auto attacks and skills will eventually kill them as long as you stay alive.

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How to Beat Chapter 2 in – Chapter Guide


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