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How to Beat All Nights in Forgotten Memories Roblox

How to Beat All Nights in Forgotten Memories Roblox

You’re going to need to escape Freddy and crew as you navigate Tito’s Tacos in Forgotten Memories as you plunge into Roblox’s scariest experience of the year. Even though the people themselves might seem familar, the new location transports you to a fresh terror destination. This post contains the most effective strategies for surviving Forgotten Memories!

Out of Sight – Preserve your Stamina

You will be pursued by gigantic monsters that will do whatever to terminate your life as you move through this abandoned structure. They won’t bother chasing you if you are out of sight, so you should study the finest spots to hide if you want to escape quickly. Save your stamina for when you truly need it; otherwise, you risk getting into a fight you can’t win.

To get a handle on how the game works and what could have changed from the previous night, don’t be afraid to go through a level a few times. Knowing where the wandering animatronics are can help you increase your chances of surviving since you can take precautions to stay away from them. Keep an eye out for closets and vents, since they both offer some fast shelter.

The Marionette

This task will be simple to do if you’re playing a multiplayer game with buddies. However, you might find this a little more challenging to complete if you’re taking on this title alone. There’s a strong probability that the Marionette may break loose and start chasing you as you wander this building. Almost usually, the game ends immediately if this occurs.

You should keep your priorities in order because you may simply flee and hide from the main creatures. Regardless of where you are, make sure you return to this place as soon as you are finished exploring the building or resetting generators.


Although it’s not the best method to learn, if the animatronics kill you, the game will give you advice on how to get rid of them as you’re being revived. You’ll want to pay attention to the fact that it cautions you not to lose eye contact with Chica in the event that she discovers you and murders you. She won’t approach you if you maintain your straight gaze, allowing you the opportunity to create some space between the two of you.

Despite the fact that Foxy could be the most hazardous member of the gang, make the most of your flashlight and the few remaining lights. You can use Foxy’s aversion to light to escape with no harm by taking advantage of its trait. Given that each distinct animatronic has a specific talent that they will employ, this is one of the most crucial lessons you can master.

Monitor the amount of power and oxygen available.

You must make sure that your focus is on the goal as you spend your evening at the pizzeria. You’ll need to maintain the structure powered up and watch your oxygen levels at all times, in addition to defending yourself against these creatures. Although this may seem like a lot to handle, you’ll be relieved to learn that if you’ve heeded the advice above, you’ll be able to get by each day.

If you know how the facility is laid up, you won’t have any trouble finding the power generators because they are quite a distance from the main office. Speaking of Golden, you won’t have to worry about running across Golden Freddy if you maintain your power and oxygen sources operational.

Even while the game can be frightening and stressful, you’ll discover that if you use these strategies, your chances of surviving are increased.

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How to Beat All Nights in Forgotten Memories Roblox


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