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How to Beat All Bosses in Garten of Banban 4

How to Beat All Bosses in Garten of Banban 4
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The colorful mascots of Garten of Banban may look cute and friendly, but if you have gotten this far into the series, you know that most of them are anything but! In Garten of Banban 4, you have ventured deep into the abandoned floors of Banban’s kindergarten, in search of the truth and your missing child. You know just as well as I do that even more unimaginable horrors are lurking around down here, so here is how to beat all bosses in Garten of Banban 4.

How to beat Nabnab boss in Garten of Banban 4

The first boss fight, though we’re not even sure if you can call it that, of Garten of Banban 4 happens when you are searching for the elevator piece with Banban. Nabnab appears out of nowhere after Banban puts down the imposter, and you have to chase him to get it back.

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The Nabnab boss isn’t so much a boss fight as it is a high-speed chase. The first section is pretty straightforward—just follow Banban or the blue ribbon road on the ground. Banban will take the stairs, while you have to jump across a bunch of small platforms. Watch your step and you should be fine.

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Once you make it across, you’ll see that Banban has Nabnab cornered in a small room. Watch the fight play out and the boss fight is over.

How to beat Kittysaurus boss in Garten of Banban 4

After solving the green room with the shapes, you’ll enter a massive chamber when suddenly one of the walls opens up, revealing Kittysaurus, a large feline and dinosaur hybrid. You’ve got plenty of room to maneuver here, so make sure to keep your distance to avoid becoming kitty chow.

Look around the room, and you can see eight switches—four hanging from the ceiling, and four on the floor. Your goal is to activate all switches, so go ahead and run around until you hit all four. The floor switches will revert to red if you take too long, so make sure to keep running over them.

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While you are running around, notice that one of the hanging switches is colored red, while the others are white. The red switches must be hit by making Kittysaurus charge into them. Stand underneath the switch, listen for Kittysaurus’ roar, then quickly sprint out of the way. If you’re fast enough, Kittysaurus slams right into the switch.

Once all ceiling and floor switches are green, Kittysaurus suddenly drops dead. Congratulations, you’ve beaten all the bosses in Garten of Banban 4!

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How to Beat All Bosses in Garten of Banban 4