How to Be AFK in Roblox Without Being Kicked


By visiting Roblox servers, you can play hundreds or even thousands of unique games, among which even the most demanding player will be able to find something for himself. Sometimes you merely need to be in the game to get various resources. At the same time, nothing is required of you, except for being in the game, and this is incredibly boring. You could do your thing if it weren’t for a terrible feature of the game – kick from the game for inaction. Today we will tell you how to avoid this inconvenient property of Roblox.

How to Be AFK in Roblox Without Being Kicked

In any game you visit on the Roblox servers, you will be kicked out of the game world after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is incredibly annoying because sometimes all you need is your presence and nothing else. But there are several ways to solve this.

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Turn on the Alarm Clock

If you are at home and stay close to your device, you can use alarm clocks. Turn on ten reminders so that each of them goes off every 17-18 minutes, reminding you of the need to take some action.

This method is great if you are near the device or don’t want to download third-party software.

Use Autoclicker

The easiest way to avoid kicking for inactivity is to install, and use an auto-clicker. In most Roblox games, tapping/clicking counts as an action, which means tapping once every 10-15 minutes will be enough to refresh your inaction timer. Finding and downloading an auto clicker is not difficult, as there are hundreds of different auto clickers on the web. You can use a proven one that you have used before, or read recommendations from experienced Roblox players.

At the moment, these are all the methods that we wanted to tell you. If you know other ways to avoid kicking for inaction, you can share them with other players in the comments.

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How to Be AFK in Roblox Without Being Kicked


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