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How to Awaken Phoenix in Blox Fruits

How to Awaken Phoenix in Blox Fruits
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On the Roblox platform, you can find thousands of different games. And some of them may be based on famous anime and manga. So, among all the Roblox games created by One Piece, Blox Fruits is the most popular. In it, you can explore various islands and fight strong enemies with the power of the devil fruit. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to awaken Phoenix in Blox Fruits.

How to Awaken Phoenix in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits has a huge amount of different content. In addition to exploring different islands, you can also complete quests, and fight enemies and other players. And to win all these battles, you will need powerful abilities, such as Phoenix.

Phoenix is ​​a fruit owned by Marco in the original anime. And in Blox Fruits, the Phoenix is ​​a very controversial fruit. When you first get this Fruit, you can only effectively support friends. But once you awaken Phoenix, your offensive and defensive abilities will be among the best in the game.

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And so, to awaken Phoenix, you must first get this Fruit and reach 400 Mastery. After that, head to the Sea of ​​Treats. There you should find the Sick Scientist NPC. He will ask you to help him recover. But you can only do this as a Phoenix user with 400 or higher Mastery. 

After that, you can buy a Phoenix Raid Chip from him for a physical Fruit or 1,000 Fragments. And using this Chip you can start a Raid for awakening Phoenix. We recommend you go to the Raid with friends to complete it faster. As soon as you complete the Raid, you will teleport to the NPC who, for 1,000 Fragments, will awaken your abilities.

That’s all you need to know about Phoenix’s Awaken in Blox Fruits. Follow our advice, and you can become one of the strongest players on the server. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get Mink v3.

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How to Awaken Phoenix in Blox Fruits


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