Do you want to know how to avoid misleading mobile game ads while surfing the internet? Well! You are at the right place. In this guide, we share details on how you can identify a fake mobile game ad and how to can stop seeing such ads.

How to Avoid Misleading Mobile Game Ads

You can avoid misleading mobile game ads by simply being a little realistic. The best way to spot a mobile game ad as fake is by checking the ad itself. The misleading mobile game ads don’t have UI—instead, some may add a temporary UI overlay to fool you. However, it is easy to spot as the UI doesn’t match the gameplay and the art design.

Secondly, the misleading ads always show the way to advanced animations, features, and other similar things as gameplay. This is what you should ask yourself—can the mobile platform really execute these smooth animations in gameplay? The answer to that is that in cutscenes such animation is sure possible. But not in gameplay.

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The third thing that misleading ads always aim to target is the young audience. They either ad certain forms of sexual content in the ad like oversexualized characters and other things, or they add too much action, a cinematic experience, and additional things that makes the ad cool enough for players to download the game. But when they do, it’s totally a different game.

So to avoid these misleading ads and stop yourself from downloading these games, we recommend you to check the game’s gameplay on YouTube. If you like the game, go ahead and download it. If it turns out to be a fake game, report the ad as misleading, or simply ignore it and continue your work.

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You can also check the top right side of any of these misleading ads, and you may find an icon. When clicked or tapped on the icon, it opens up a menu where you can report the ad or select the option to not show the select ad and other similar ads.

So, that is it. Now you know how to avoid misleading mobile game ads.

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How to Avoid Misleading Mobile Game Ads


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