Monster Hunter Rise

Evading attacks in Monster Hunter Rise is truly an art that very few can master. The series has always been known for its hard to master mechanics, and the latest entry in the franchise is no different, providing players all the tools to avoid getting destroyed by the many monsters they have to hunt, tools that however must be used properly to be effective.

Here’s how to dodge enemy attacks in Monster Hunter Rise and how to make it easier.

How To Avoid Attacks In Monster Hunter Rise

The most basic dodge maneuver in Monster Hunter Rise is the roll, performed by pressing any direction on the left stick and the B button. Depending on the equipped weapon, the hunter will perform a different maneuver with different recovery time and effectiveness. With the weapon sheated, however, the roll will always feel the same, something that’s very important, given the strict timing for avoiding attacks completely.

The basic roll maneuver features what is known as Invincibility Frames, a small number of animation frames that are completely invincible. This happens right as the rolling animation starts, so you will have to time your roll so that you perform as the enemy attack is connecting with your hunter. The Evade Extend skill will increase the invincibility window at the start of a roll, making it easier to avoid attacks even if your timing is not exactly impeccable. Given the nature of most monsters’ attacks, which cover a lot of space, it is very good practice to roll towards the enemy, instead of away or to the side, so to avoid getting caught by the huge range that most enemy attacks cover.

There’s another evading maneuver that can possibly even more effective than the regular roll: Emergency Evade. This move, performed by dashing away from the enemy and pressing the B button, has a very long invincibility time, so it can be used to avoid the ultimate attack of most monsters, which usually cover so much ground that they are impossible to avoid with the regular roll.

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