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How to Attract Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

How to Attract Dwellers in Fallout Shelter
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When the world has changed beyond recognition and is now a dangerous radioactive wasteland, people are going to need somewhere to go where they will be safe. In Fallout Shelter it is your job to make sure survivors have a warm living space where they can start to rebuild their lives.

A successful shelter needs lots of happy dwellers, but what makes people want to live in an underground bunker? Read on to find out how to attract more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter.

How to Increase Population in Fallout Shelter

As the game progresses different rooms can be unlocked and built to make life more sustainable in the underground shelter. To unlock each room you will need a certain amount of Dwellers residing in the bunker. These must be adult Dwellers, as kids don’t count until they have grown up and can work.

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Making Babies in Fallout Shelter

There is a chance people will just randomly show up at the Vault Door, but there are a few things you can do to increase the population yourself. The first thing is to have your existing Dwellers meet up for a bit of romance in the Living Quarters where they, surprisingly quickly, decide to have a baby. Check out our guide to having children in Fallout Shelter for some tips and tricks.

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Get Dwellers in Lunchboxes

Another way to get extra Dwellers is to purchase Lunchboxes which have the chance to contain a Dweller with good stats. These are usually better Dwellers than the ones who show up at the Vault Door as they have outfits and weapons, and buffed stats. Unlock Lunchboxes by completing rewards or purchase them from the Shop.

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Build a Radio Studio

Finally, the best way to attract Dwellers for free is to build a Radio Studio. To unlock this room you must have 20 Dwellers already, and it costs 750 Caps to build. Assign a Dweller with the highest Charisma stat to get the best chance of attracting more Dwellers to your shelter. Eventually people will start turning up and wanting to join your growing community.

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Now you have Dwellers arriving and hoping to live in your Shelter, invite them in by tapping and dragging them to the first room before checking their stats and assigning them to a room. Soon your shelter will be thriving! For more hints and tips on getting the most out of Fallout Shelter, visit our Vault Layouts guide.

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How to Attract Dwellers in Fallout Shelter


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