How to Ascend Characters in Echoes of Mana


As in most other gacha games, Echoes of Mana characters have a rarity, which is determined by the number of stars. Getting a 1-star character is very easy, but a 4-5-star character is much more difficult. Sometimes you can summon or buy a 4-star character, but more often than not, you will need to increase the number of stars of a character using ascend, and in today’s article, you will learn how to do this.

How to Ascend Characters in Echoes of Mana

Increasing the star rarity of your characters will also increase their base stats and the maximum character level they can reach. For example, if your 1-star character can only reach level 15, then for a 2-star character, the maximum level will be 30.

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To ascend your character, do the following:

  • Open the list of your characters by pressing the Ally button in the main menu of the game.
  • Select the character you want to ascend.
  • On the right, you will see a tab with two arrows and 3-stars. You need to click on it.
  • Next, click on Ascend.
  • On the right side of the screen, you need to select a character that you are willing to sacrifice to increase the star level. The higher the star level of the character, the more characters you have to utilize. For example, if you level a 1-star character, you need to sacrifice one 1-star character, and if you level a 4-star character, you need to utilize four 4-star characters.
  • Press the Ascend button, and press Ascend again to confirm your action.

Congratulations, your character will receive a new star and increase the maximum allowable level.

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How to Ascend Characters in Echoes of Mana


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