How to Add Hay to the Silo in Coral Island

a mill in coral island

Making hay in your silo in Coral Island is an important farming task. However, the mechanic for it is slightly out of the way and most players experience difficulty finding it. This is because Coral Island has you produce hay in a slightly different way than most other farming simulators do. Fortunately, it is simple if you know the right things to have and the steps to take. This is how to add hay to the silo in Coral Island.

What You Need To Make Hay

Chickens from Coral Island.

Truth be told, you don’t make the hay directly in the silo. Instead, hay is made using a mill. All you need to do is add fiber inside the mill. By doing this, the mill will automatically put the hay it makes right into the silo.

As of now, the only thing mills can do is create hay. To get a mill, you need to buy it from the Carpenter’s Shop. You’ll have to shell out 2000 gold as well as collect a certain amount of materials. These are:

  • x2 Bronze Bar
  • x20 Scrap
  • x50 Wood

How To Get Fiber

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The fiber that you need for hay is very simple to collect in mass quantity. To accumulate it, you just need to cut the grass on the island with a scythe. There’s tons of this everywhere, so you should have no problem getting it.

How To Use Hay

Hay is mostly for feeding the barn animals such as the cows, pigs, and llamas. The more you feed them, the better quality items they’ll produce. When it comes to animals like chickens, they won’t eat the hay as often and seem to prefer the grass outside.

Hopefully, this cleared up any confusion you had about how to create hay and use a mill. The answer isn’t straightforward in the game, but once you figure it out, you’ll realize how simple it is to do. If you love farming simulator games, check out Coral Island today!

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How to Add Hay to the Silo in Coral Island


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