Persona 5 Strikers

Persona 5 Strikers plays quite differently from Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, but the game still features some of the mechanics that make the original games so much fun to play, like Persona Fusion. Thanks to this system, it is possible to customize Joker in a lot of different ways, opening up some new combat options that would normally not be possible with the vanilla Personas obtained by defeating Shadows.

Persona Fusion works a little differently from the original games, despite featuring the same basics. So, here’s how it works in Persona 5 Strikers and how to make the best out of it.

How To Acquire Personas

Needless to say, you need Personas to use in Persona Fusion. The only way to obtain them is by fighting and defeating Shadows in Jails. Unfortunately, Persona 5 Strikers lacks the conversation system seen in Persona 5, so you are not guaranteed to get Personas every time you win an enemy encounter.

If your current roster is already full, obtaining Personas still provides some benefits, as you get Persona Points that can potentially remove some of the grinding needed for Fusion.

How To Fuse Personas

To fuse Personas in Persona 5 Strikers, you need to head over to the Velvet Room and utilize Lavenza’s services. Persona Fusion, like in the original games, is done via the Executions menu. Once in the menu, you can fuse two or more Personas together to get a better one that can also inherit the skills learned by the two Personas used for the fusion.

The Execution Menu also features a very handy feature called Material, which lets you check out which Personas are needed to create a specific Persona. If you have the needed Personas registered in your Compendium, you can also summon them for a fee to fuse the new Persona straight away.

Fusion Limitations

Having the right Personas to create a more powerful one may not be enough, sometimes. There are a few reasons why you cannot fuse a Persona in Persona 5 Strikers. First of all, Joker’s level has to be the same or higher than the Persona resulting from the fusion, like in the original. Persona 5 Strikers, adds an additional condition: the Personas used for the fusion must be at a certain level.

To increase the level of any Persona, you can either bring it with you in any Jail and use it in combat, or use Persona Points to level it up from the Velvet Room itself, saving you some time and effort. Persona Points can also be used to enhance specific stats, providing you with even more customization options, but enhancements can be quite costly, so make sure to think hard before spending points.

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