Probably some of you are wondering how much money does Flappy Bird, the #1 App for a while now, generate to it’s developer. To put it short: how much money does Flappy Bird make? It’s a free app, it has no annoying in-app purchases, no ads taking three quarters of the screen, nothing to drive you crazy. Probably it’s not doing that well, right?

Well, that’s not right! According to Dong Nguyen himself (the developer of the game) in an interview by The Verge, Flappy Bird makes around $50,000 per day. Yup, this is what it means if you get up there at the top position of the App Store!

And let’s not forget that there are two more games created by the same person doing very well in terms of downloads and probably income, so Nguyen is indeed the next big thing and a success story to follow in the years to come.

Even though Flappy Bird won’t remain popular forever, it will still make a huge deal of money for its creator. If it wast to keep running at 50k a day for an entire year, that would make Nguyen $18 million richer. Hattip, Mr. Nguyen! You really made it!


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